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​카이로스의 시간

시작과 끝, 같은 동작이 반복된다. 어떤 지점에 도달하기 위한 발걸음은 결국 출발한 지점에서 끝나게 된다. 시작과 끝을 찾는 질문은 무의미해지고 모든 지금 이 순간들이 시작과 끝이 된다.  삶과 죽음도 시작과 끝이 같은 하나의 순환 속에 있다면 지금 이 순간을 어떻게 보아야 할까. 

The time of Kairos

Beginning and end, the same movement is repeated. The step to reach a certain point ends at the starting point. The question of finding the beginning and the end becomes meaningless and all these moments become the beginning and the end. If life and death are in one cycle with the same beginning and end, how should we look at this moment?

NO.2394(The time of Kairos_Swing),13x20x17cm, flipbook machine, 2022
NO.2395(The time of Kairos_Swing),13x20x17cm, flipbook machine, 2022
NO.2396(The time of Kairos_Swing),13x20x17cm, flipbook machine, 2022
Installation view, Group show  '밀도, 밀접, 밀합', SAMUSIL, 2021
Work List

NO.2042(The time of Kairos_Airplane), looping animation, 2022

NO.1989(The time of Kairos_swing), looping animation, 2022

NO.1913(The time of Kairos_Pingpong), looping animation, 2021

NO.2141(The time of Kairos_Fireworks),  looping animation, 2022

NO.1912(The time of Kairos_Flying), looping animation, 2021

NO.2192(The time of Kairos_Blue bird), looping animation, 2022

NO.1914(The time of Kairos_Swimming), looping animation, 2021

NO.1911(The time of Kairos_Dancing), looping animation, 2021

NO.2050(The time of Kairos_Tunnel), looping animation, 2022

NO.1970(The time of Kairos_Flying), loop animation, 2022

NO.2365(The time of Kairos_Bowing), looping animation, 2022

NO.2107(The time of Kairos_Life and death), looping animation, 2022

NO.2344(The time of Kairos_Going home), looping animation , 2022

NO.2192(The time of Kairos_Earth), looping animation, 2022

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