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부차적 결과

'러닝 페인팅'은 결과물이 아닌 그림을 그리는 과정에 목적을 둔 작업이었다. 그래서 그려진 그림들은 목적을 달성한 지점이 아닌 목적을 달성하고 난 뒤의 '부산물'이 되었다. 이들을 스카폴딩 구조물에 설치하여 지나온 시간의 과정을 직관적으로 드러내려 하였다.


'Running painting' was a work aimed at the process of painting. So, the painted pictures became a 'by-product' after the purpose was achieved, not the point where the purpose was achieved. They were installed on the scaffolding structure to intuitively reveal the process of time that has passed.


By-product, Mixed media, 270x270x165cm(Dimension Variable), 2018
Degree show in Royal College of Art


By-product, Mixed media, Dimension variable, 2019
Group Show 'Mimesis' Ansung Spa


By-product, Mixed media, 260x140x70cm, 2019
Group Show 'Contact youth' Suchang youth mansion


By-product, Mixed media, 270x270x165cm(Dimension variable), 2019
Group show 'Art Prize Gangnam'


By-product, Mixed media, Dimension variable, 2019

Installed for SBS Drama 'VIP'


By-product, Installation view, 260x170x220cm, 2019
Solo Exhibition 'Project Running Painting' , ERD Gallery in Seoul


By-product, mixed media, 270x170x250cm, 2019
Installation view,  Group Exhibition 'Metaphorically', Space-be Gallery in Seoul

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