2019 Painting, Hongik University, Ph.D, South Korea

2018 Painting, Royal College of Art, MA, UK

2012 PaintingHongik University, MA, South Korea

2009 Contemporary Art, Daegu University, BA, South Korea

Solo Exhibitions

2020 "Get away from the painting", 19.48 Gallery, Seoul

2019 "Project Running Painting, No.265", ERD Gallery, Seoul

2015 "Running Painting", Cyart Gallery, Seoul

2015 "Encounter", Hongik University Museum, Seoul

2013 "Organic Objects", KEPCO Art Centre, Seoul

2011 "Strange Objects", INSA Art Centre, Seoul

Group Exhibitions

2020 "Metaphorically", Space be Gallery, Seoul

2019 "AGENDA Highway 1111", Miro Center, Gwangju

2019 "Very Small Regards", Woojin Space, Jeounju

2019 "Art Prize Gangnam", Prize Hall(Temporary Space), Seoul

2019 "4482", Cello Art Gallery, Seoul

2019 "Mimesis", Ansung Spa, Uiseong-gun

2019 "Shattered Visage", Unlimited House, London

2018 "The Great Artist", Posco Museum, Seoul

2018 "Degree Show', Sackler Building in Royal College of Art, London

2018 “Orbit Art Graduate”, Barge House, London

2018 "Thumbnails", Hockney Gallery, London

2018 "Whipped Up", Kunstraum Gallery, London

2017 "The Road Not Taken", Hospital Club Gallery, London

2017 "an Excuse" Square Gallery, London

2017 "Under the see" Crypt Gallery, London

2017 "Work in Progress' Sackler Building in RCA, London

2015 "Crossbreeding" Alternative space-Art Forum Lee, Buchen in Kyungki-Do

2015 "Young&Young" Youngeun Museum, Kwangju in Kyungki-Do

2014 "n/1" Totatoka Gallery, Busan

2014 "Ongoing" Openspace Bae, Busan

2014 "MANNAM" Espace San frontier, Paris

2014 "Romantic resistance" KIMI Art Gallery, Seoul

2013 "Birth" Yangpyung Museum, Yangpyung

2012 "Can you find me?" Ilhyun Museum, Kangwon-Do

2011 "Hi Block" Space Hyun, Seoul

2011 "The spectacle of society" Interalia Gallery, Seoul

2009 "Young Blood" 4Walls Gallery, Seoul

2009 "Boiling point" Kunstdoc Gallery, Seoul


Residency Programme

2014 Espace san frontier, Paris



2018 Posco Museum, "The Great Artist"

2018 “Orbit Art Graduate” 

2014 Cyart gallery in Korea "New Discourse"

2014 Openspace Bae "Incubating Programme"

2014 Kimi Art Gallery "Kimi for you" 

2014 Youngeun Museum "Young&Young" 

2013 KEPCO Art Center Supporting Solo Exhibition

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