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그림은 머무르지 않는다. <Selected/Unselected painting>은 더욱 작은 단위로 분절 되어 무질서하게 흩어졌고, 이들을 다시 뭉치거나 평면에 배열하여 질서를 찾고자 하였다. 마치 흩어진 우주 먼지들이 모여 하나의 별이 되듯이. 그리고 이 또한 끝이 아니라 또 다른 형상으로 변모하면서 결국 먼지가 되어 사라질 때까지 지속될 것이다.


The painting doesn't stay. <Selected/Unselected painting> was split into smaller units and scattered in disorder, and they were reunited or arranged on a canvas to find order. Like scattered cosmic dust gathering together to become a star. And this, too, will not be the end but will continue to transform into another shape until it becomes dust and disappears.

<Chaosmos>, installation view, 'Phase Variation', Gwangju Hajungwoong Museum, 2023
끝이 없는 게임_107.JPG
Installation view, Solo show <Games without End>, JJ Joongjung Gallery, 2023
Exhibition <This is not the end>, installation view, Daegu art center, 2022
Solo Exhibition 'From painting to painting', installation view, dimension variable, Bongsan Culture Centre, Daegu, 2021
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